Vechaar Metal Utensils Museum Ahmedabad-Vishala Museum

If you are ever visiting Ahmadabad make sure you don’t miss to visit India’s one of unusual utensil museum. It’s one of the unique museum due to storage of more than 3500 traditional utensils.All the utensils are different from each other in size,shape and its usages.The museum is founded by Interior designer Surendra Patel.The museum is located at the Vishala restaurant, Opp. Vasna Tol Naka,Ahmedabad.

At the entrance of museum

Big Locks and other storage utensils


Me trying some hands on such big vessels ..!!


Water storage pots.

Giving Pose..!!


Due to the its uniqueness and situated in heart of Ahmadabad city it not only attracts local visitors but also international tourist who specially come to visit this museum.

We realized that they have wide range of utensils specially metal utensils.Utensils are categorized with purpose of serving or its usages such as Household items, Spouted jugs,Dowry boxes,storage of water,milk, jewellery, utensils which are used while worship and utensils which are helpful while traveling and many more.the most amazing thing about these utensils are they are 100 and 1000 years…!! It is hard to believe that all these masterpieces were made when there were no machines and even no one posses any degree or qualification.


various spouted jugs which includes jugs from Uzbekistan


Useful Utensils used while traveling


Dowry Boxes



Things used in Worships.


A Huge lock…!!


The museum holds another important part is Nut cracker/cutter section.these are made of different materials like brass copper metal ,iron ,German silver. You will not be able to capture the beauty of it at one glance,each and every Nut cracker is different in size shape artistic work done on it. Nut cracker is mostly found in 1 inch to 18 inch size.

     q        k




A cute Couple


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Top 17 things you can do at kankariya lake-Ahmedabad

Kankariya Lake is situated in the heart of Ahmadabad ,Gujarat. It is located at Maninagar area. It is the largest lake in the city and great place to hangout. The lake front is well developed with zoo, kids fun city, aquarium, Butterfly park, food stalls, bal vatika ,joy rides ,Mini Toy Train ride and many other entertainment facilities. It is a big circular lake and from one point there’s a walkway which goes to the garden in the middle of lake, it is called as ‘Naginawadi’ (in Urdu it means beautiful garden).if you are visiting Ahmadabad it is a must visit, you will enjoy whole day with lot of interesting things to do. The historical kankariya lake having a periphery of about 2.5 Km has been the symbol of Ahmadabad city’s identity since almost 500 years.


A Beautiful view of kankariya lake.

The lake was redeveloped was taken up by AMC in 2006 & completed in 2008.

Entry fees for the lake are very low; Rs.20 for Adults and Rs.10 for kids. It is closed on Mondays. It is opened from 9Am to 10Pm.

entrance gate

Entrance gate of kankariya lake

Kankariya Lake zoo: One of the main attraction of kankariya lake is kamala Nehru zoological park which is widely spread over 21 acres founded by Rueben David in 1951 CE. In 1974 it was rated as one of the best zoo in Asia. you will be amazed by watching wild animals such as Tigers, Lion, Hippopotamus, Leopard it’s a breathtaking experience. you will also get to see many kind of birds and many more.


Balvatika: It’s a children’s park with boat house, planetarium, butterfly ,weapon displays, and Playroom.



Kids City: A dream world for the little ones, for the children of the children by the children. Its near to gate no 7 they have fees of Rs 100 for children and Rs.150 for adults. Kids City is specially designed for kids. It has 18 activity centers which includes fire station, radio station, police station, banks, court room and prison, science lab dental police station, as well as medical hospital, theatre, BRTS, heritage gallery, IT centre, ice-cream factory, News room etc.

Nagina Wadi: It is beautiful island in the middle of the lake.

Joyrides: Here you can do many interesting rides such as. Aqua Kart ,water sports,Vertical Swing, Black Flashride , Paint Ball Shooting and Sky Fly.

Aquarium: It is well maintained and many rare fishes you will get to see.



Mini toy train ride: It’s a wonderful experience to take a round around the lake. The toy train is also unique. Its near to gate no 3 and they have fees of Rs.25 for adults and Rs10 for kids.

toy train

Mini toy train ride

Segway safari: The amazing two willed device on which you can take a round for around 15 min.Its near to gate no 2 and fees for adults are 60 and 40 for kids

Tree walk and golf courses : Kids can enjoy adventures tree walk and you can also try your hands on specialty mini golf course.

Boating: You can enjoy boating rides in kankariya lake.

Musical fountain and multi color laser show : It’s a must thing if are visiting do not miss it. One of the major attractions of the naginawadi is in the evening they conduct fountain and laser show for 30 min. which starts around 7.30 evening.

in night lake

A lake view in night.

Water bubble ride: A thrilled ride for every one.

Butterfly park with Skyder man Glider Ride: In Butterfly park the have also one attraction of Skyder man Glider Ride

Skyder man ride

Bull ride: You can enjoy bull ride.

Stone mural park: Its India‘s biggest Stone Mural Park named Gurjar Gaurav Gatha.

Bowling alley: For those who like Bowling alley.

Bungee ejection: Feel the fun of bungee jumping without any risk!

Mirror maze: A fun thing to do.

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Photo blog: India’s First “Tea kettle Circle”at Ahmedabad

In Ahmadabad we noticed a unique circle at Akhbarnagar,It’s World’s first kitli circle (Tea kettle circle) which was inaugurated on 15th September,2014.During loksabha elections Chai pe charcha was most happning topic by P.M.narendra Modiji and hence this circle was made.It is a huge kettle kept as in circle.


India’s First “Tea kettle Circle”at Ahmedabad


World’s first kitli circle (Tea kettle circle) which was inaugurated on 15th September,2014


(Tea kettle circle)

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Durga Puja : Celebration of bringing godess on earth

We were lucky enough to attend the Durga puja,which is one of the biggest festival of bongs in india. Durga Puja is celebrated on the arrival of godess Durga accomplained with her children ganesh,karthik,lakshami and saraswathi on earth to visit her parents. Durga Puja is also well known in bengali As ”Sharadostav”

The major part of durga puja with no doubt was visiting many decorative pandals of Godess Durga.Each and every pandal is unique,creative and as beautiful as much of the Godess durga.There are many pandals across the city you will get to see but i think its not possible to to visit each and every pandal without proper planning.Most of the famous pandals are based in North and south kolkata which is easily connected with metro railways.The best time to visit pandals are ofcourse at night when you can enjoy the night lightings decoration but you may face too much crowd at that time so you can avoid crowd by pandal hopping at day time.

Crowded streets,sound explosion colourful lightings,decorative pandals and ofcourse the Godess Durga’s idol in Durga puja at kolkata is a world festival.Its like big party celebration for five days which will make you surprise and amazed at the same time.if you missed your parth or just take a wrong turn and you will find pandal with crowded and big queue in front every pandal. The city of joy turns in to the city that never sleeps during the durga puja.


We at one of the pandal in kolkata


Decorative idol of Godess durga


Idol of Godess Durga which will make you amazed



A pandal which was decorated with ‘Bangals’


Luckily we got to see famous singar Usha uttup


pandal decoration

wt qy

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