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Hello Readers thank you for stopping by us and happy reading ..!! hope you enjoyed reading our Travelogue,Lifestyle,Adventure and photo blog.

The reason behind starting of this blog was of course to share our travelogues with the world,we really wish it can help people to inspire travel more and often by leaving their comfort zone  to enjoy the beautiful world.

Since we are a couple traveler we really want share some helpful tips to choose smart travel accessories which includes luggage,hand carry bags, travel bags,electronics and gadgets which will help you to enjoy your journey in better ways.

we really enjoy blogging and inspiring people to travel even with limited funds..!!(yes it is possible you just need to plan out in proper ways)

we want to share each and every bit of thing i know about smart traveling with you guys so that it can help you.

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Thank you for reading our travel diaries..!!
Falguni & Harshal


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