Durga Puja : Celebration of bringing godess on earth

We were lucky enough to attend the Durga puja,which is one of the biggest festival of bongs in india. Durga Puja is celebrated on the arrival of godess Durga accomplained with her children ganesh,karthik,lakshami and saraswathi on earth to visit her parents. Durga Puja is also well known in bengali As ”Sharadostav”

The major part of durga puja with no doubt was visiting many decorative pandals of Godess Durga.Each and every pandal is unique,creative and as beautiful as much of the Godess durga.There are many pandals across the city you will get to see but i think its not possible to to visit each and every pandal without proper planning.Most of the famous pandals are based in North and south kolkata which is easily connected with metro railways.The best time to visit pandals are ofcourse at night when you can enjoy the night lightings decoration but you may face too much crowd at that time so you can avoid crowd by pandal hopping at day time.

Crowded streets,sound explosion colourful lightings,decorative pandals and ofcourse the Godess Durga’s idol in Durga puja at kolkata is a world festival.Its like big party celebration for five days which will make you surprise and amazed at the same time.if you missed your parth or just take a wrong turn and you will find pandal with crowded and big queue in front every pandal. The city of joy turns in to the city that never sleeps during the durga puja.


We at one of the pandal in kolkata


Decorative idol of Godess durga


Idol of Godess Durga which will make you amazed



A pandal which was decorated with ‘Bangals’


Luckily we got to see famous singar Usha uttup


pandal decoration

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