Kaziranga National Park,ASSAM :world’s great One Horned Rhinoceroses

kaziranga national park is located at Assam,India.It is a world heritage site who have two third of the world’s great One Horned Rhinoceroses.The park also declared as one of the tiger reserves in India.Hence many people from the world come here to watch Rhino’s.


world’s Great Single Horned Rhinoceros at kaziranga national park


We reached a day before of the visit at evening in kanziranga.we had night stay at a guest house.kaziranga is a quit remote village even lighting facilities at night are also not available.We got to see a local folk dance as they had some festive day during our visit.

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Next day early morning we reached to the in local jeep.you can have two option to visit inside the park with elephant safari or Jeep safari.First we took elephant safari we were quiet late since we reached at around 10pm in the park though Our guest house owner informed earlier that reach as early as you can reach because it is the best time to get to see many Rhino,deers,birds and tiger(if you are lucky enough).
while going on elephant safari in the park i was quiet surprised that their were villagers houses who stay their inside of the park..!! can you believe it …i mean they don’t have fear about tigers,rhino’s may be they must be used to all these wildlife animals.luckily we spotted rhino it was quiet far so couldn’t get the closer look.


we on elephant

We couldn’t spotted much so again we decided to take the Jeep safari this time we got binoculars also.we got to see many birds,deers,elephant,and Rhino also but i wanted much closer view which i was not able to get.While going in jeep safari we asked our driver that,”have you ever saw tigers?”  he said ,”yes many times..!!!” again we asked him what to do if he came across to our jeep..?? he laughed and said ,”nothing he will do what he wanna do..!!”

While returning from park i got to see one of the closer view of Rhino and i was so happy…this time i took the video so that it can mesmorised our journey whole lifetime.

elephant5 kkd


How to reach Kaziranga National Park:

If you are traveling by air, then the nearest airport would be at Guwahati. From the town of Guwahati, Kaziranga is around 6-hours away by a car, cab or bus.

village view                          lush greenary

Also checkout this video,if you want watch Rhino…!!


Thank you for reading our travel diary.

Falguni & harshal.