Princep Ghat of Kolkata

Princep Ghat is situated in the heart of kolkata can easily reach with the help of train,taxi or bus.Its a quiet ,peaceful and beautiful place situated just underneath of vidyasagar setu on the banks of River hooghly & beside of the princep memorial.park is open for all visitors without any entry fees.

We visited due to its heritage architectural site,but local people come here for just to hang around to sit and relax.

princep building

Princep ghat at kolkata

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Falguni & Harshal


Vintage Experince of Kolkata tramcar.


Tramcar in Kolkata

If you are visiting Kolkata don’t forget to take heritage ride of Kolkata tramcar.Kolkata is the only city in India where tram transportation is working.Tramcars are traveling on kolkata streets from 1873.It’s feel like a fairytale experience going back in past realizing how was life in old colonial British rule,cause the infrastructure of the tramcar has not changed since then.


It’s unique experience one can have if you really want to feel the essence of kolkata.tram car is the best example of environment friendly transportation but i think in this fast metro life people may not prefer such a slow transportation.
When i asked Harshal that,” i wanna have a ride in tramcar…!! ”so he was like ,”ohh its just a mini train..!! ”i forced him to take a ride in tramcar cause, being in kolkata and not experiencing tram car i think our journey will not somehow harshal got ready to travel in tramcar just for my wish …and getting in that tram car for that first time i really felt as if i went in years ago era.I think government should take necessary renovation in tram car so that it will enhance the experience of the first time travelers.


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falguni & harshal

Kolkata’s Pride Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu in Kolkata


The magnificence view of Hawra Bridge,Kolkata


If you are visiting Kolkata don’t missed out to visit one of the oldest bridges  in India and famous landmark of kolkata.Howrah bridge is also known as Rabindra Setu.The bridge is beautiful architectural example of human work. It’s one of the longest bridges of its type in the world.


Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu in Kolkata

One should  must walk across the bridge so that you come to know that why it is called as the busiest bridge in world..!! You will get to hear loud volume of Rikshaws, Bus, cars but then also this traffic makes awesome views.
We took Howrah Ac Duranto Express from Mumbai and after arriving in Kolkata First thing we saw was the magnificence view of Hawra Bridge from station.


The bridge is beautiful architectural example of human work.


Kolkata’s Pride


watching the bridge at night looks amazing because of lights and its reflaction on the water.

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