Vechaar Metal Utensils Museum Ahmedabad-Vishala Museum

If you are ever visiting Ahmadabad make sure you don’t miss to visit India’s one of unusual utensil museum. It’s one of the unique museum due to storage of more than 3500 traditional utensils.All the utensils are different from each other in size,shape and its usages.The museum is founded by Interior designer Surendra Patel.The museum is located at the Vishala restaurant, Opp. Vasna Tol Naka,Ahmedabad.

At the entrance of museum

Big Locks and other storage utensils


Me trying some hands on such big vessels ..!!


Water storage pots.

Giving Pose..!!


Due to the its uniqueness and situated in heart of Ahmadabad city it not only attracts local visitors but also international tourist who specially come to visit this museum.

We realized that they have wide range of utensils specially metal utensils.Utensils are categorized with purpose of serving or its usages such as Household items, Spouted jugs,Dowry boxes,storage of water,milk, jewellery, utensils which are used while worship and utensils which are helpful while traveling and many more.the most amazing thing about these utensils are they are 100 and 1000 years…!! It is hard to believe that all these masterpieces were made when there were no machines and even no one posses any degree or qualification.


various spouted jugs which includes jugs from Uzbekistan


Useful Utensils used while traveling


Dowry Boxes



Things used in Worships.


A Huge lock…!!


The museum holds another important part is Nut cracker/cutter section.these are made of different materials like brass copper metal ,iron ,German silver. You will not be able to capture the beauty of it at one glance,each and every Nut cracker is different in size shape artistic work done on it. Nut cracker is mostly found in 1 inch to 18 inch size.

     q        k




A cute Couple


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